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What's New

Mar 25, 2008
Loista has become the primary IT solutions provider to Go4Funding, LLC

Apr 16,2008
Loista has become the primary IT solutions provider to USMLEWorld, LLC

Welcome to Loista LLC

Loista is a Maryland-based premier information technology company that specializes in consulting, training, staffing, and software development services. We cater to our clients worldwide in every industry sector using the latest ground-breaking technologies and communication systems.

At Loista, we take great pride in maintaining a solid reputation in delivering reliable, innovative, and cost-effective business solutions. We strongly believe that our success is based on our ability to meticulously understand the individual needs of our clients and design novel ways to effectively achieve their business objectives.

Loista is truly committed to providing unconditional, high-quality expertise and specialized services for your business. Our experienced and dedicated team of technical professionals place great emphasis on excellence and in building solid, long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

Masters students
Need Training in the latest Technologies? We have the certified trainers with 10+ yrs of IT experience

Online Training
Loista provides excellent online hands-on training to it's employees on the latest Information Technologies.

The Loista Advantage
At Loista, we believe in maintaining a competitive edge and in providing our clients with unsurpassed, dependable business solutions. By utilizing our services and resources, clients are able to effectively increase their productivity. Clients can expect only the highest quality of services from us, and we promise to deliver these services in a fast, efficient, and accurate manner.

In addition, we offer our employees and management team with great opportunities for personal and professional growth. We have certified professionals with 10+ yrs of industry-specific IT and software experience. They all have a solid track record of success which is highly reflective of Loista’s overwhelming customer satisfaction and support.

We are continually expanding our domain and welcome skilled specialists in all stages of experience to join the Loista family. Click here for current employment opportunities and careers at Loista.

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